The Pack

Where We’re At

when you work on website maintenance, web design and web development we all work together to meet your goals

We’re headquartered in Arlington, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. We started in Arlington working out of an attic in 2002. Well we’d work in the attic most of the year, but in the summer it got too hot so we moved down onto the second floor.  We’ve moved to a full time in home office over 5 years ago.

What We Do

We’re a leading provider of innovative website products that empower our customers for a variety of industries. We build high quality, high tech, targeted solutions to our customers based on the needs of their industries. While we love a good looking visual design, our number one priority is making sure the sites we build do what they’re supposed to do, and do it well. Therefore targeted solutions, with a high level of usability are much more important to us than a slick design for slick design’s sake.

How We Got Started

OrcaPack began when a software company we worked for lost its funding in the chaos after 9/11 and two of it’s former employees decided to remake the software themselves. A year later the new software was nearly done, and a Major (note the capital M) software developer released a competing product.

So we turned to our strengths. Internet design, development, usability, and the ongoing maintenance of websites. The strength of OrcaPack is providing you with a practical, simple solution that provides an exceptional return on your investment (ROI). We TRY to skip the tech talk, and get right down to the business of solving the business challenges our target industries are presented with. Because that’s what it’s all really about. It’s about learning about what the problem is, and presenting you with a solution.

Our Hands On Approach

Our approach is based on collaboration. We listen to your needs and look at what your website data tells us. We work with you to define the work, strategies and/or methodologies to be followed for the completion of your project.

Unlike many companies, OrcaPack thrives on hands-on work. When you call, you will speak with one of our people. We do not outsource anything, so when you call you will be speaking with someone who will actually WORKS on your website.