Tim Hinkel

Tim has the job of coordinating all the work that goes on here. He also has the inside voice of business at OrcaPack so if you have an idea or want to work out a deal, e-mail him with the specifics and he will try to make it happen. If he is not at his desk, he will get back to you shortly.  He is probably off brewing some Coffee. Coffee yum.

Every company needs an idea person. You know, the person who dreams up wild and magical ways to do things. Tim is that guy. He is constantly talking about new ideas and better ways to do things. With Tim it’s always about how to do it more productively. Whether it’s a better way to drive across town, or collect names for a newsletter, there must be a better way.

He is the guy to go to with ideas to find holes and fix ’em. Heck not just fix ’em. Make ’em better.

Here are some photos of Tim.

copper_timtoddcrash 4 wheeling Cabo many moons ago Duck boat driving Boston

Sayf Sharif

Sayf (pronounced “safe”) is a developer. He has been learning to code since his father brought home a TRS-80 Color Computer with a whopping 4K of RAM. He even has some print outs of early programs he wrote from scratch in BASIC, recorded on a tape drive, and printed out on dot matrix paper.

He is a designer, and always was into art and doodling. Growing up he won multiple contests for his artwork, and even classical musical composition (he took Suzuki violin for years). For a brief stretch in his 20’s he dabbled in being a professional artist and dilettante and even sold some artwork before deciding he needed a real job.

He is a user experience expert. He went to graduate school for Anthropology and has always been a keen student of his fellow primates. How do they think? How do they work? how do they use the tools provided them? What tools would they prefer? Why? he often will ask people questions or make statements from a logical non-human standpoint in order to gauge people’s reactions. He finds it far more interesting when he gets the apes riled up, and they can’t adequately defend their actions with words.

Lastly, he’s a geek. He reads geeky things, watches geeky shows, does geeky stuff. He has a Star Wars tattoo, is a Dungeon Master for a regular Dungeons and Dragons game with friends from college, builds lego sets for himself, and has an embarrassingly large /played number on his World of Warcraft account.

Here are some photos of Sayf.

Sayf SharifSchenley Park Redux