Practice What You Preach

You know, I’ve been advising clients on what to do with their websites for over a decade now. Things have changed since I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995. Heck, back then I was still doing my email directly in Unix with Pine. Web sites were basic hyper linked nodes of information, and most companies didn’t have a website at all.Back then just getting people to realize they should even have a website was a chore.

Now even the not so savvy business people of the world know they should have a website, though not necessarily anything more than that. That’s where we come in. We help our clients understand how to use and leverage the web for their own business goals. Maybe just having a website in 1995 was a ‘cool’ but meaningless thing. Now however, if you’re not using your website to generate some sort of business, you’re wasting your time.

The problem is that we haven’t practiced what we’ve preached.

OrcaPack has, in one form or another, been going strong since our inception in early 2002 when Tim Hinkel and I were drinking a beer in the Harvard Square location of John Harvard’s, talking about the company that we both worked at that had just gone under and decided to be our own bosses. Since then we’ve been advising clients big and small to do all sorts of things as the web has evolved. Yet, in all that time, we’ve rarely heeded our own advice.

One of the many things we tell people to do is to generate content, and one of the ways to do that is to have a blog, and update it regularly. Well, here we go. Welcome to the OrcaBlog.

Here we’re going to try and post about all sorts of stuff. From interesting articles concerning the industry as a whole, to technical questions and answers, to news about our work and our clients. All sorts of stuff. We hope that you find it interesting or informative in some way. Maybe we can even become a case study for ourselves on our own. We’ve helped a number of our clients be more successful by leveraging the web. Why not us?

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