CAC basketball adds new game sites

Cambridge Basketball Leagues for Adults in the Boston Area

CAC offers recreational basketball for the Boston Area. Four different competitive playing levels including corporate teams. All leagues feature written commentary on games, full stats, and a message board for banter among players.  When we started working with basketball program it only had one league.  Now the league has 14 leagues playing at 8 different locations.

“After developing a web site for basketball the program took off.  Basketball became the most popular activity at CAC.  OrcaPack’s personal attention, coupled with the timely manor in which they handle tasks, makes our web site the most talked about part of CAC.  With the help of OrcaPack CAC took a program that was a recreational activity and made it one of the most popular programs in the Boston area.  Without the help of OrcaPack this would not be possible.” Josh Smith, CAC Director

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