Cook Angel for When We Need Help With Dinner

cook angel whats for dinner

Earlier this year we udpated Cook Angel to a responsive website design. Cook Angel is the creation of Tony Rosenfeld, the head chef over at b.good (another member of our clientele) and the author of multiple cookbooks, including the recently released Sear Sauce and Serve: Mastering High Heat High Flavor Cooking. Tony wanted a site where someone could submit a picture or two of what they had in their fridge, or even just a description, and then ask for his help on what to cook. Then he or a guest chef, would take those ingredients and provide a fun and tasty recipe that the submitter could make.

It’s pretty fun, and Tony has posted a hundreds of different really great recipes based on just what people have. Give it a try if you can’t figure out what to cook. Take a picture even with your phone and email it in!

It’s one of the fun things being in the web design industry, that we get to work with such a variety of projects and companies. Even within certain industries, like food with Cook Angel or our other Restaurant Webmasters focusing on restaurants, everyone is different. Even if it’s subtle.

Do YOU have an idea for a website? Some idea that you have thought “Man that’d be so cool if there was a website that….”. Well if you have and you don’t know how to make it a reality, it’s simple. The first step is to talk to us. We can help you flesh out your idea, and turn it into a web reality. Don’t sit back and wait for someone else to make your idea a reality and profit off of it. You should take that first step, and contact us today about whatever your brilliant idea is.

Because a new website doesn’t just have to be for an established company. It can be a whole new business, just for you.

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