Facebook Love It Or Hate It, it’s Useful To Your Business

your business needs to be on facebook

Tools are meant to be used.  Facebook is a tool.  Another channel to market your organization and communicate with your clients.

Its Not About the Status or Friends

facebook logoIf you never update your status or add any friends to your personal profile, Facebook is still useful.  Probably more useful.  Facebook pages and groups are where your business can build another marketing presence.

Facebook gives you an incredible amount of tools to work on your new marketing presence:

  • create a profile of your business
  • link to your website
  • link to blogs and other pages on your site (or others)
  • create photo albums
  • add videos
  • start discussions
  • promote events
  • have people rate stuff (stars)
  • create polls and surveys
  • weekly reports on the performance of your business page


Millions of people are on Facebook everyday.  If they “like” your business you have a direct non-spam channel of communicating with them and them communicating with you. They will be automatically notified anytime you update your organizations page or add events.  They can even put ideas and feedback up on your wall or rate your wares or ideas.    If you don’t like these reasons, the search engine benefits are worth the work alone.

Do it

Sign up for Facebook, if you want, skip all the personal stuff.  Create a page for your organization.  It should not take more than an hour to have your organization’s profile up on the web / Facebook.  After that you can spend time exploring the possibilities and making your Facebook page looks great.  Add a find us on Facebook badge or image to your website and your done for now.

Editors Note:  This article was originally posted in 2010, I think it was time to update.

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