Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is OrcaPack?

A: OrcaPack is internet services company in Boston, Massachusetts with the capability to work with companies anywhere. OrcaPack initially was founded as a software company, specializing in collaborative business software. In December of 2002 we decided to focus our internet development and design skills and work full time on other companies web sites and marketing materials. Before the change, Sayf had been working half his time working on the Hallmark Health web sites. Tim was working for the Cambridge Racquet and Fitness Club and CCH WSB creating web applications and maintaining their web presence. Soon after the change we started working on EMISARS and Bgood restaurant. Now we have numerous clients that we work with on a daily basis. Note: Our first product Collab is still fully functional, but it is only used an internal tool now.

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Q: Why the change back to making our own products?

A: Mainly it was the desire to build something that was our own.  In our hearts we were always product developers.  We like to build stuff.

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Q: What kind of features and functions could you actually add to my website if I signed up for one of your Maintenance Retainer plans?

A: Each company that signs up for a retainer has specific needs .  Lets use an example to better answer this question: We started working with the Publicity Club of New England in the Fall of 2009.  Here are a few of the features we have added to there new website in 3 months:

  • New design for the website;
  • member updated job board
  • member written and updated industry blog
  • admin moderated discussion board
  • searchable members list;
  • administrators can now post all the content for the site including programs requiring payment
  • customer runs reports on program, membership, and miscellaneous website purchases
  • admin control panel
  • all the content on the site is written and put on the site by Pubclub members!  No more waiting for the web guy to put it up! When they have a question they email or call us to help.
  • Orcapack’s ArmorWP does all WordPress Updates and maintains security hardening, including comment approval and trashing.

Q: What’s with the name OrcaPack?

A: Killer whales are highly collaborative creatures. They work together in pods or hunting packs. For our original product (“Collab”) the name made sense, now were stuck with it. We went thru over 1000 names before we found an internet address (www.orcapack.com) that was available.

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Q: Are these the only products you plan on making?

A: We have started a website product for Contractors and Construction companies.  We already have two sites in this industry:  Synergy Green Builders and DJK Contracting. Builder sites require easy to update content areas. design that highlight completed projects, specific calls to action targeting sales and easy to add images to show off your work. Please contact us if you are interested in having a site built for your contracting company.

We have discussed many industries and are always open to new business development opportunities.  If you are in an industry we don’t currently cover we can work out a deal, fill out our consultation form with the specifics and he will try to make it happen.

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Q: Who updates the site after the initial launch?

A: We take care of updating the underlying Content Management System and the modules that add features, which are periodically updated for security and improvements.  You are responsible for updating and adding content.  We are here to help via email, phone and chat.  We want you to be empowered, the only way to do that is for you to learn how to do many things yourself. Of course if you want us to update the content we can do that too.

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Q: I already have a website what do your products do for me?

A: We hear this question all the time! Many companies don’t need our products. They are happy with their website. They are happy with the number of leads, members or customers their site is bringing them.  They are satisfied with the job their people do in maintaining the site and addressing their web needs. But on the other hand many companies feel they are being held hostage by their web developers, graphic artists, or IT people. Our web department plan enables you to:

  • have your website up to date at all times, ( Log in anytime and update it yourself )
  • keep your website moving up the search engine rankings by adding new content anytime you feel like it
  • add functionality you have been meaning to add.
  • be in charge of what gets done and when
  • save money on the cost of salaries and benefits
  • have experts work on your website and only a phone call away for help