Make Blogging A Priority

I don’t know how often I tell people how to be successful via social media, blogging, and the like. it’s pretty frequent. It’s not hard, it’s a pretty basic set of rules to learn to follow, and you can garner success, or at last have a chance at it. If you do nothing, you’ll just sit back and wait for people to come to you. That’s not a great strategy.

I tell people…

You don’t have to blog every day!

It shouldn’t be a chore, but you don’t have to feel pressure to do it constantly. Even blogging once or twice a week about your company is beneficial. What’s going on with your company? What’s going on in the world in some industry that affects your customers or clients? What’s going on with you? It’s not rocket surgery, and you don’t need to write a book. Do it Tuesday and Thursday. Write something like a paragraph or two, and you’ll be good to go. If you ever start wanting to blog more than that, then go for it! Nothing is stopping you, but START by doing it once or twice a week regularly.

So what’s the problem?

Well it should be obvious that we don’t generally follow this advice. Why is that? Why aren’t we doing it? Why aren’t YOU doing it? Well the issue is priorities. How often do you sit down in the morning and say “Well I have to blog, but I also have to finish this report…” or whatever. Buy produce, pay vendors, fill out paperwork, do an employee review, show up in court. Lots of things have priority. Some of them (like showing up in court) you really can’t avoid or change. But the problem is that we put our own blogging and marketing at the bottom of our work pile. That’s the problem.

Make Your Blogging a Priority

Take that 15 minutes twice a week and blog. Make it a priority. If you wait 15 minutes to pay that vendor it’s not the end of the world. if you wait 15 minutes to blog you’ll wait another 15 minutes, and another, and another, and then not do it at all. It’s all about priorities. It should be near the top for what you do once or twice a week. If you don’t do that, you’re signing your death warrant on the internet. You need to be active. Your company needs to be active. You need to establish your expertise. You can’t do that with a website that hasn’t been updated in 17 weeks.

So do as I say not as I do

Go blog. Right now. Write up 500 words or less about something, even what you’re working on, or what you did last, and get that posted, and then make it a priority to do this once a week, then twice a week, and then make it a habit and a priority, rather than an afterthought and a regret.

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