New Boloco Website

We launched Boloco website just before the new year.  This is a mobile first design.  The new site is fully responsive and mobile ready.  The site includes integration with Zuppler online ordering for quick lunchtime skip the line dining.

Boloco is all about choice…

Food is what we do. It is what we stand behind. It is what defines us. We strive to provide our customers with the unexpected. To surprise the palate with every bite. Every ingredient has a purpose, a meaning and, when combined, results in bold and addictive flavors that can only be described as “inspired”. It’s about choice… a true variety of options that matter so that at the end of the day, we satisfy stomachs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. It is what makes us different. Not every option is for every body. We know that. Keep exploring. Your vice is on our menu, unless you don’t like food. But you do. This is good food to the core. Enjoy.

This redesign included a build out of child theme (for risk free updating) based on a free WordPress theme.

boloco restaurant online ordering integrated using the zuppler plugin

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