New OrcaPack Website!

Screenshot of the new OrcaPack home pageWe’ve launched our new website iteration of the OrcaPack website last month!

I don’t know how many new websites we’ve had off the top of my head since 2002. At least an update every other year. Starting back with our first website which focused on our initial business, which was a specific web product called Collab. I’m going to have to dig into some of my old archive files and see if I can pull that one out. The oldest I have readily available to me is from 2005.

That was back when our brand was the white name on black (We have gone back to that brand). We were already focusing on Restaurants even back then, with what we called Table Service. It eventually grew into Restaurants Webmaster and now has it’s own website!

Of course it wasn’t that long after THIS website that we went through a brief rebranding period where we changed our name to Web Solutions Builder. I don’t even remember the reasons why now, but in 2006 we rebranded and the website changed again.

Nothing is forever though, and by 2007 we changed back to OrcaPack, and further downplayed our name, which originally was much more tied to our Collab product than anything.

Actually I still kind of like the 2007 design. Nice reflections, which were the style at the time. Clean design that now is a fairly common way to go.

But I insisted we needed a cartoon Killer Whale (bad idea, hard to be taken seriously). Let’s embrace the Orca! So in late 2009 “Orcy” was born. Yeah it’s a horrible name, but what should we call him? Steve?

After a few more revisions and designs we moved and early 2010 saw the first stage of Orcy in our branding.

In our design design Orcy was right up there, a friendly symbol of murderous whaley death that is our…

Wait no…

See Killer Whales work together, cooperatively to get things done, that a single one can’t do. We have some cool stories about it.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the new design, and new site, and our new focus on providing great ongoing service website and social media strategy to our current and future customers!

Editors Note:  The new website article has been updated many times since 2002, this is just the latest rendition.

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