Pasta Guys Basketball Program Gets A Website

Pasta Guys is a neighborhood project started in 2012 by a group of South End parents who believe that basketball can be a tool to build community and character for Boston youth.  They asked us to make them a website to keep parents informed about the program and the schedule.

The site uses some great big image to set up the call to action.  One for mailing list sign up and the other to get parents to the schedule quickly.  The site uses a responsive WordPress theme witch allows parents to view on mobile as well as on any web connected computer.   The site was made with WordPress to allow the program to update everything once it was created.

The people who run the program are informed when new parents sign up for the mailing list.  The email addresses are added directly to Mail Chimp.  The parents / staff send out the scheduling updates without any intervention from OrcaPack. According to the founders the site has been a great time savor and made there lives / the program so much more productive allowing the staff to focus on teaching kids rather than answering scheduling questions and coordinating and saving peoples email addresses.

pasta guys schedule posted keep parents informed about dates for clinics

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